Building An Empire

Today’s Agenda: Building An Empire…Written by Rebecca Arendse In a quiet corner of the iconic mount nelson high-tea room, I meet with online entrepreneur and creative, Tamarin Aubrey, who shares her philosophy on…

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Fashion Gone-Vogue

We’ve “Gone Vogue”

Trend Spotting: We’ve “Gone Vogue” in designer-inspired eyewear. Designer eyewear, and the affordable variations thereof, has catapulted to trending status globally – donned by the biggest names in fashion, and a hit amongst…

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Fashion yellow aviator sunglasses - buy online - iamtrend

The Transparent Trend

Transparent Sunglasses The Transparent Trend It was June of 2008 when WHOWHATWEAR fashion forecasters touched on what would later become fashion’s most lustrous eyewear trend; transparent sunglasses and opticals. Fast forward nearly a…

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Fashion eye wear chain - buy online

iamtrend Eyewear Chains

iamtrend Eyewear Chains Revamp your eyewear collection this spring with Iamtrend’s latest statement eyewear chains. Accessorizing your favourite eyewear can instantly give your look an updated feel, and in today’s edition of the…

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