fitting your prescription lenses

You’re searching for eyewear that is not only a reflection of your personal style but can home your prescription lenses too. We’re here to ensure that your eyewear purchasing journey is as seamless and as memorable as possible.

Although you can have your prescription lenses homed by one of our iamtrend frames, it is important to note that there is always risk involved when having your prescription lenses fitted into a new frame. As a general rule, most optometrists caution that prescription lenses are fitted at the customer’s own risk. Your optometrist will have the option to decline to fit a particular prescription depending on the frame style and the thickness of your lens, which is why we would like you to consider the below before making your purchase:

  • Your face shape should play a role in your selection process as it will assist you in choosing a silhouette that flatters and complements your facial features. Whether your face is round, heart-shaped, oval, or square, our ‘Find Your Face Shape‘ guide will help you determine where you fit in. The best part? You can browse eyewear styles that are recommended specifically for you!
  • Not only is your face shape important to know, but finding a frame that accommodates your face size will allow for the most comfortable fit. Consider our ‘Find Your Face Size‘ guide; this will ensure that your new frames aren’t too large or too tight when looking for an everyday frame.
  • Opt for styles that will complement your skin tone. Warm Skin Tones – If your complexion leans more toward the bronze, yellow, or honey scale on the colour spectrum, you may fall within the warmer skin tone category. It is recommended to choose earth-toned colours that match your look for the most flattering aesthetic. Look for gorgeous tortoiseshell, brown, olive, ecru, or gold-toned hues. Cool Skin Tones – If your complexion is more cool-toned, you will notice a blue or pink undertone visible within your complexion. Your most flattering colours will be the ones that add lustre to your overall look. Choose vivid colours and make your eyewear stand out. Black, pink, blue, and grey are all for you!
  • As you may know, not all prescription lenses are the same and depending on their refractive index, they’ll vary in weight and thickness. It is, therefore, important to choose frames that can support your lens specifications. The Wayfarer style, for example, is suited for thicker lenses with a higher prescription as the frame offers a supportive structure. Rimless or semi-rimless silhouettes, on the other hand, fit a lower prescription better as they tend to be thinner.

Having your prescription lenses fitted in an iamtrend frame is done at your own risk, and iamtrend will not be liable for any damage done to your frame or your prescription during or after the fitting of your lenses. In addition, iamtrend will not be liable for an optometrist that is unable to fit your prescription lenses into your chosen frames; the iamtrend customer will be held liable for the refund and exchange delivery fees.

In general, different frame styles and shapes offer varying suitability for prescription lenses. It could be beneficial to consult your optometrist on whether they have any recommendations based on your prescription.

care instructions for your iamtrend eyewear

At iamtrend, we are very passionate about what we do, and we’re always striving toward offering our customers the very best in quality, style, and service. We would love for your new favourite eyewear to last as long as you need it to, no matter the material. We’re confident that our below helpful and easy-to-follow guidelines will assist you on your journey.

Selected pieces in our current eyewear collections have been made with gold-toned temples, accents, or gold-plated detailing. When a product is gold-plated, to achieve its finish, a coat of gold material is sprayed over a lesser metal that could either be Bronze, Copper, or Nickel.

Due to the nature of this material, there is a possibility that the gold-tone colour may change or tarnish over time due to the oxidation process that occurs when you combine certain jewellery metals with skin.

We have put together a short care guide on how to look after your eyewear to help keep and protect it for longer.

basic do's and don'ts


    • Do not use handwash or expose your eyewear to water.
    • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your eyewear.
    • Do not swim, shower, or bathe with your eyewear.
    • Avoid allowing your friends or family members to wear your glasses as this can lead to a stretched or damaged frame.
    • Do not store your eyewear in the bathroom.


    • Do store your eyewear away from natural sunlight, heat, or moisture.
    • When you remove your glasses, ensure that you place them down with your lenses facing upward to prevent them from getting scratched.
    • Only use the iamtrend microfibre cloth included in our packaging to clean your lenses to avoid scratching them.
    • Do remove your eyewear while exercising to avoid contact with perspiration.
    • Do place your glasses inside your faux leather iamtrend pouch whenever you’re not wearing them to ensure that they stay safe, wherever you may have left them.

It is important to note that everyone’s skin type is different. Some may have never experienced colour changing, while others may have stronger reactions to bronze & gold plating. iamtrend will not be liable if this happens, and no refunds or returns will be made in this regard. If you are aware that you have sensitive skin or have experienced reactions to costume jewellery in the past, we recommend that you interchange your eyewear and avoid wearing them daily. For an everyday frame, opt for one that does not have gold-plating in its design.

Now that you have a better understanding of which designs to consider when browsing and you’ve been equipped with a variety of ways to extend the lifespan of your eyewear, you’re ready to shop! Click here to browse our complete collection!