Just like the eyewear that we adore, our faces come in many shapes and sizes too. That’s why it’s important to determine the size of your face before you start your eyewear selection journey. Luckily, measuring your face size is easy to do and will help avoid any possible headaches that may come from selecting eyewear that is not well suited for you.

Follow our recommended sizing guide below, and it will take the guessing game out of your next online purchase and get you that much closer to finding the perfect pair. All you have to do is determine the size of your face, and our guide will help you do the rest!

To correctly measure your face, start by looking directly into your mirror. Hold the length of a ruler or measuring tape horizontally across your face from one temple to the other. When you take down your measurements, be sure to use millimetres, as this is the metric used to determine eyewear sizing.

How to measure your face size

Narrow Sized Face

If your measurements are 129mm or smaller, you are considered to have a narrow face. Browse for frames in the 45mm to 50mm range.

How to measure your face size

Medium Sized Face

If your measurements fall between 130mm-139mm, you have a medium face. Look for frames in the 51mm to 54mm range.

How to measure your face size

Wide Sized Face

If your measurements are 145mm or bigger, you have a wide face. Look for larger frames that fall in the 55mm and above range.


Now that you know the size of your face and what measurements you should be looking for in your next pair of glasses, you can move on to measuring eyewear frames on your own.

The below section will help you do just that. Here’s what you need to know…

how to measure your frame width

The Frame Width:

The frame width is the horizontal measurement of the front-facing frame from the furthest point on either side.

how to measure your lense height

The Lens Height:

The lens height is the vertical distance between the lowest and tallest point of your lens, just before the rim of the frame.

how to measure your lenses width

The Lens Width:

The lens width is the horizontal measurements of one of your lenses at its widest points. This is the most important measurement to ensure that your lenses fit your eyes.

how to measure your bridge

The Bridge:

The bridge width is the distance between your two lenses, measured from the innermost point on each lens. A proper bridge width will make for a secure, comfortable fit on your nose.

how to measure your eyewear temple

Temple Size (Arms):

Temple length is the length of your glasses’ arms. It’s the distance between the tip of the arm to where it meets the frame.

frame dimensions

Unique Code:

All these measurements, excluding the frame width, are typically found in the arm of the glasses. Lens width (54), bridge (18), and temple size (145).

Ready for the next step?

Finding the best fit doesn’t have to be a lengthy and arduous process. A little bit of trial and error can result in a lifetime of exceptional shopping experiences, exactly how it’s meant to be!

Now that you’ve done the groundwork and you’ve categorized your face size into either small, medium, or wide, you can get back to the fun!

We’ve curated style recommendations just for you! Browse our complete collection and choose your future go-to pair based on your new measurements. If you’re still not sure, view our “Face Shape Guide” to determine which eyewear styles are the best fit for your face shape.