Fitting your Prescription Lenses

All clear frames, sold by iamtrend, have been tested for fitting prescription lenses and all of them are suitable to have prescription lenses fitted in them by a certified optometrist.

However, there is always risk involved. The ability to fit prescription lenses, into iamtrend frames, and willingness to do so is done at the optometrists’ discretion.

Thus, having your prescription lenses fitted in an iamtrend frame is done so at your own risk and iamtrend is not liable for any damage due to fitting prescription lenses. iamtrend is also not liable for optometrists who cannot fit your prescription lenses into iamtrend frames.

Even if an optometrist has fitted a certain frame multiple times there is still a small possibility that it may not work. This is why many optometrists offices have a disclaimer that says “fitted at the customer’s own risk.”

The customer will be held liable for refund and exchange delivery fees if their optometrist cannot fit their prescription lenses into an iamtrend frame. We recommend contacting your optometrist beforehand to confirm whether or not they believe it will work.

Care Instructions

We here at iamtrend are very passionate about what we do, and strive to offer our customers the very best in quality, style, and service. That said, our current eyewear pieces that have gold-toned temples or trims are gold plated, which means that a coat of gold has been sprayed over a lesser metal (Bronze, Copper or Nickel).

Due to the nature of this material, there is a possibility that the gold-toned colour may change or tarnish over time due to the oxidation process that occurs when you combine certain jewellery metals with skin.

We have put together a care guide on how to look after your eyewear to help you keep, and protect your eyewear for longer.

Basic Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do not use handwash or expose your eyewear to water
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on your eyewear
  • Do not swim, shower or bath with your eyewear on
  • Do store your eyewear away from natural sunlight, heat or moisture
  • Do not store your eyewear in the bathroom
  • Do remove your eyewear while exercising to avoid contact with perspiration

It is important to note that everyone’s skin type is different. Some may have never experienced colour changing while some may have stronger reactions to bronze & gold plating. iamtrend will not be liable if this happens and no refunds or returns will be made. If you are aware that you have sensitive skin or have experienced reactions to costume jewellery in the past we recommend that you interchange your eyewear and avoid wearing them daily. You can shop our full range of eyewear here.