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Buying eyewear online can be a daunting experience. With so many different styles, measurements, colours, gradients, and patterns to consider, you’re bound to have many valid questions along the way. We’ve been where you are now, and that’s why we are committed to making your ‘selection’ journey as seamless as possible. Our ‘Glasses Sizing Guide’ is designed to give you the tools you need to find the eyewear of your dreams!

Scroll down and choose whether you would like to understand more about your face shape or face measurements. By determining your unique face shape, you’ll be able to shop our suggestions on what we think will suit you! Shopping by measurement, on the other hand, is a good idea if you’re looking for an everyday fit. We’ll show you how to measure your face and suggest styles that will make you want more than just one pair!


Knowing the shape of your face is key when you’re shopping for fashion eyewear. Not only will it help you choose your next pair with more confidence, but it will also save you the headache of unnecessary returns or exchanges on eyewear that you’re not 100% obsessed with.

Below you’ll find all you’ll need to categorise the shape of your face along with links to our favourite style recommendations, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your own home! (The dream, right?)

square faceshape graphic

Square Shaped Face

A broad forehead with angular features and a prominent jawline are all characteristics of a square-shaped face. Gorgeous babes such as Olivia Wilde and Hailey Bieber share these facial features if you’re ever in need of a visual reference.

Individuals with square-shaped faces should keep in mind that frame designs such as roundoval, or cat-eye silhouettes will complement and soften their face shape. With a face as striking as yours, opt for eyewear that is slightly wider than your cheekbones and smaller in height, as this will create a harmonious and natural look.

heart face shape graphic

Heart shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are typically wider at the brow, with the structure of the face tapering down toward a narrow chin. People with this face shape usually have killer cheekbones, like our favourites Kourtney Kardashian, Zooey Deschanel, and Lupita Nyong’o.

If you have a heart-shaped face, it’s recommended that you look for frames that add weight to the lower part of your face. This will widen the appearance of your chin and downplay the width of your forehead. Avoid frames that are embellished or broader at the top than the bottom as they’ll compete versus complement your face shape. Reach for styles that will create balance like a swept-up cat-eye, a comparable wayfarer silhouette, or an oval shape that will draw attention to and accentuate your eyes.

oval faceshape graphic

Oval Shaped Face

Good news, like Beyoncé, Bella Hadid, and Rhianna, nearly any frame will suit your face shape. An oval-shaped face is almost perfectly proportional with a curved chin and well-defined cheekbones. The oval shape has no prominent points or angles; it’s recommended to emphasise the natural balance of the face with the addition of angular styles. The most distinguishable feature is that an oval face is longer in length than in width.

Whether you prefer a cat-eyesquare, or rectangle frame – it won’t matter too much; they will all look great on you.

round face shape graphic

Round Shaped Face

If you have a more distinctly rounded chin, and the width and length of your face are roughly the same measurements, you have a round-shaped face like our favs Chrissy Teigen, Selena Gomez, and Mila Kunis.

People with a round face often have a more youthful and slightly angelic look. Sharpen your features by opting for frames that contrast with bold, angular lines. Glasses with wider lenses compared to taller ones will add height and give you a slimming look, while cat-eye frames will draw attention to your eyes and elongate them.

Grab geometricrectangular, or cat-eye frames, and it’s sure to be love at first sight when your new order arrives.


By now, it should be clear that knowing your face shape is very helpful when it comes to selecting eyewear. Combining your newfound knowledge with the measurements of your glasses will set you up for success. The below will highlight and help you do just that.

Here’s what you need to know…

measure eyewear frame width

The Frame Width:

The frame width is the horizontal measurement of the front-facing frame from the furthest point on either side.

measure eyewear lens height

The Lens Height:

The lens height is the vertical distance between the lowest and tallest point of your lens, just before the rim of the frame.

measure eyewear lense width

The Lens Width:

The lens width is the horizontal measurements of one of your lenses at its widest points. This is the most important measurement to ensure that your lenses fit your eyes.

measure eyewear bridge

The Bridge:

The bridge width is the distance between your two lenses, measured from the innermost point on each lens. A proper bridge width will make for a secure, comfortable fit on your nose.

measure eyewear tempe size

Temple Size (Arms):

Temple length is the length of your glasses’ arms. It’s the distance between the tip of the arm to where it meets the frame.

unique code for eyewear

Unique Code:

All these measurements, excluding the frame width, are typically found in the arm of the glasses. Lens width (54), bridge (18), and temple size (145).

Ready for the next step?

Now that you know how to measure your eyewear reach for a pair of glasses that fit well and practice measuring the frames according to the unique code found on the inner surface of the left temple arm. If they correlate with the measurements you’ve taken, you’ll know that you’re doing it correctly.

Once you’ve read through our guide, watched our ‘How to measure your eyewear‘ Youtube tutorial, and followed our easy-to-use instructions on how to measure your frames, you should know exactly what your face shape is.

If you do not have a pair of glasses to measure, you can measure your face instead. Follow our easy ‘Face Measuring Guide‘ to help you find the perfect fit!

Put your new mastery to the test and start browsing our recommended styles for your face shape.