iamtrend Cookie Notice

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies enable core functionality such as security, network management, and accessibility. We use strictly necessary cookies to enable the functionality of our website, such as the ability to login. We also use strictly necessary cookies to distinguish between humans and robots. This is advantageous to the functionality of our website, in order to make valid reports on the use of our website.

Users may disable these by changing browser settings, but this may affect how the website functions.

Performance cookies

We use performance cookies which monitor the performance of our website. No personal information is collected, but data is collected to improve the user experience.

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to enhance user experience by remembering user preferences and settings. They are completely anonymous and do not track user information across websites.

Advertisement cookies also known as targeting cookies

We may use advertisement cookies. These are used to help attract clients by using targeted adverts. The cookies are also used to identify users across domains.

Analytics cookies

Our website uses analytical cookies to understand how visitors navigate through the pages on our website. iamtrend does not collect any personal data through analytical cookies but only receives aggregated data from Google, about website visitors in general.

Google does process your personal data in order to provide these aggregated statistics to us. Further, as other websites also use Google Analytics, Google doesn’t just have a profile of how you use our website, but also how you use many other websites which also use Google Analytics. To learn more about how Google processes your personal data, please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy.