about the brand

Brand story

your glasses are more than just functional accessories; they are windows to your personality, mood, and style. established in 2015, iamtrend’s community is built on a deeply rooted philosophy that celebrates and inspires the unapologetic YOU!  we believe high-end fashion eyewear products should be accessible and attainable to all. at iamtrend, we put our babes first and design your online eyewear shopping experience to be as seamless as possible. our collections are thoughtfully curated with your next outfit in mind and identified by our international standards, premium quality and luxury appeal. it is through authentic self-expression that you set your own trends. iamtrend.

About the founder

influenced by the fashion industry that stole her heart, our founder and creative director, tamarin aubrey, set out to build her business from the ground up. 

her natural affinity for fashion collided with a personal need for fashionable eyewear, forming the backbone behind iamtrend’s curated offering. 

a true reflection of the brand she’s built, tamarin’s ever-evolving eye for style and devotion to all it encompasses is the foundation of what seems to be only the beginning.

brand mission

while iamtrend’s incomparable shopping experience remains unmatched, the deeply rooted philosophy behind our brand will always remain true. we’re about more than just being “on-trend”; we’re here to celebrate and inspire the unapologetic you! our mission is to be the leading fashion eyewear destination by giving our customers an authentic, curated iamtrend experience.iamtrend lives with conviction that trends do not dictate us, but rather we dictate them. our philosophy is more than being “on trend”, it’s about being unapologetically you!