about iamtrend


iamtrend originated from the ambitions of a rebellious spirit driven by a passion for fashion and luxury products. distinguishable by international standards and an unmatched shopping experience.

the deeply rooted philosophy behind the brand is about more than just being ‘on-trend’; we are here to celebrate and inspire the unapologetic YOU!


our founder

influenced by the fashion industry that stole her heart, our founder and creative director, Tamarin Aubrey, set out to build iamtrend from the ground up. her affinity for finery and faultless fashion collided with a personal need for fashionable eyewear, forming the backbone behind iamtrend’s highly curated offering that complements and completes the modern women’s wardrobe. a true reflection of the brand that she’s built, tam’s ever-evolving eye for style and devotion to all that it encompasses is the foundation of what seems to be only the beginning!