the green edit

the green edit collection draws inspiration from the fashion scene and ever-changing trends. the different shades and materials were chosen for their viridescent hues, enhancing our theme of new growth and eternal fashion. it’s time to be, eat and wear your greens!

made for the unapologetic you.

 all full-priced orders include an iamtrend keepsake box, a faux leather pouch, complete with a soft microfibre cleaning cloth and a unique handwritten note.

the spring summer collection

as the weather changes, naturally so will your wardrobe. the rich textures and vibrant tones brought on by everyone’s favourite season is an exciting transition from last winter’s pleasingly neutral colour palette.

about us

iamtrend originated from the ambitions of a rebellious spirit driven by a passion for high-brow fashion and luxury products. With a stubbornly tasteful palette distinguishable by our international standards and luxury appeal, we believe that your bank balance shouldn’t limit your options. While iamtrend’s incomparable shopping experience remains unmatched, the deeply rooted philosophy behind our brand will always remain true. We’re about more than just being “on-trend”; we’re here to celebrate and inspire the unapologetic YOU!